2.1 Getting started

2.1.1 Creating a Slack account

After submitting a signed FERPA waiver on Blackboard, you will be invited to our Slack workspace via email. Please make sure to register with your  [masonlive.gmu.edu?] email address.

  • You will not be able to join Slack until your instructor has approved your uploaded FERPA waiver and sent you the invitation email.
  • You will use the same Slack workspace for CDS 101 and CDS 102 (if you are registered for both classes).
    • You must upload a separate FERPA waiver to the Blackboard section for each class.
    • You will receive a single invite to the shared Slack workspace, and each class’s instructor will then add you to the appropriate channels for your section.

You can access Slack through a web browser, mobile app, or desktop app. Once you have joined, you can customize your account by:

  • changing your username (please stick to either your NetID or FirstName LastName so that we know who you are!)
  • uploading a profile picture. This is not required, but will help us get to know you better over the course of this semester. However, if you do change your picture, this should be a picture of you, not of a cartoon, political figure, offensive or provocative imagery, etc.

2.1.2 Slack policies

  1. Please be respectful and polite with all communication on Slack.
  2. Follow the guidelines for asking questions.
  3. Do not post answers or solutions (see our guidelines for helping out other students).